Little Lamb Child Care - 3800 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220, (513) 961-6316


What ages do we serve?
We serve children from 4 weeks till they go to Kindergarten. On our property located at Cincinnati Junior Academy there is a K-8 school which takes the ed choice vouchers and it has an after and before care program. Contact the school by 513 751 1255. Donna Hauck school secretary, Roberta Henry After care program.

What are the Infant and Toddler guidelines?
The Infant and Toddler guidelines are a group of standards formed with infant and toddlers development in mind. These are guidelines used in the daily care and activities of the classrooms that have infant and toddlers to help them learn and grow.

What do I need for my infant? A small infant needs a floor blanket to play on, and a crib safe blanket, meaning that it must be a flat, non pillow top, non afghan, non quilt or comforter type blanket. It should not be something that the child's face can go into and cause suffocation. Also they need diapers, we provide the wipes. At least one change of clothing. Bottles one bottle per feeding. Bottles cannot be reserved. Bottles need to have child's name and date of preparation or if breast milk date thawed out on the bottle. Breast milk bottles must be brought or placed once they arrive in a zip lock bag to keep them isolated from the other bottles. Any foods that you would like us to serve your child you will also need to bring.

What do you supply for my Infant: We supply the baby wipes, the crib sheets (although you are welcome to bring in baby sheets of your own). We also supply all the baby food if you decide you want us to. We will even supply the Kirkland brand of infant formula for the child's feedings if that is you desire. If this brand though does not meet your preference you will need to supply your own. We have baby cereals and baby foods and snacks on hand when your child is developmentally ready for them. As your child's eating habits change and you include new foods let us know what you are ready for us to serve your child and at what time intervals.

What does my child need for care?
-A change of clothing-season appropriate and modest.
-water cup or bottle to bring daily and take home daily
-closed toed shoes in all seasons of care.
-pillow and blanket for nap to bring weekly
-preschoolers need the following in addition:
-two fat pencils
-pack of 8 fat markers
-pack of 8 fat crayons
-two pocket folder
-case to hold pencils, markers, and crayons.

What are your hours of operation?
6:30-6 Monday to Friday

Exception: Mid October till March we close on Fridays at 5:00 p.m.

Are you open all year long?
We operate all year. Although we have the following days that are in our policy to be closed. These days are included in your weekly cost. We are closed for operation for New years day, memorial day, independence day, labor day, thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and two teacher in service day. If we must be off for any additional teacher in service days or for snow or electrical outages these days are refunded back to you for the cost of a single day of care.

What are the Early Learning Content Standards? The ELCS are a group of standards that we focus on teaching to the preschool aged child which include the four components of Social studies, mathematics, literacy, and science. We also work on activities that foster good social and emotional skills, self help skills, and fine and gross motor skills.

How old does my child need to be to go to Kindergarten?
To start any Kindergarten the rule for Ohio is that the child must be 5 by September 30th. If your child will turn 5 between October 1 and December 31st, you have the option to contact the public school system your child would be in line to attend and request that they test them for Kindergarten admittance. If they pass the test then they can start early in Kindergarten. The kindergarten here at CJA grants the children at Little Lamb first choice for placement in their kindergarten. They offer small classroom sizes and a caring staff.

What is graduation? Any child who is four by September 30th is considered to be our graduating class of that year. These are the children that next school year will go to Kindergarten. They work on specialized activities throughout the year to prepare them for school, although this is begun in the first year of preschool it is stepped up in the classrooms which have children old enough to graduate. The graduation program includes all the children doing different memory work or songs and a nice reception to follow. The children that are graduating are in cap and gown.